Have you ever watched design shows on television and wanted to participate? Ever wanted to design a room in your home, but lacked the confidence to try it? Then this class is for you!

The design classes are an in-depth exploration of building design and identity. You’ll discover the basics of how to redesign your home to fit your unique style. You will participate in a hands on, experiential, real time class with other students.

Among other things, you’ll learn:


• Design fundamentals
• How to transform your home to reflect your true self
• Inventive ways to re-use what you have
• Art and furniture placement
• De-cluttering and organization secrets
• How to understand and use color and light
• How to choose flooring, countertops, and trim and more!


Learning Options:

Regular Design Class. You can choose to be a student for $75, or for $160 be one of three participants in the class to have a room redesigned in your home. When registering for this option,
please note that there is only enough room for three room designs total per class.

Personalized Design Parties. Gather a group of your best friends together and host a personalized hands-on design party. Annie teaches in three locations, the San Francisco Bay Area, Rogue Valley of southern Oregon, and the Portland Oregon metro areas. This is an insightful and wonderful way to learn new skills with people you know. And it’s a great idea for a birthday party or a weekend of fun!

Closet Clean Out Class. Experience the trained eye of a professional, while you and a group of friends have fun while streamlining, and cleaning out your closet. Annie will help you to sort through your closet for the treasures that suit your body type and coloring and will help you let go of all of the pieces that don’t work. We’ve all purchased clothes that we’ve never worn—often we don’t understand why. Annie will show you how to avoid those purchases and bring new life to your wardrobe. As a bonus, a clothing swap swap finale means that you and each of your friends have something perfect to take home at the end of the day.

Wardrobe shopping Class. Once you’ve had your personal color consult and your fan deck has been delivered, Annie can teach you how to shop for clothing with the right color, shape and texture. Have a day just for you or create a class for you and your friends.

Investment in one-on-one consulting time, results in big savings overall!

Call 541.621.5096 or email to get the current class schedule.