Macro Design

  • Interior and Structural design

  • Kitchen and bath design
  • Remodeling & new build projects
  • Architectural interior and exterior color

Micro Design

  • Details, materials and surfaces
  • Counter tops, flooring, walls, cabinets, doors, siding, roofing, hardware, windows etc
  • Selection & placement of furnishings, art, window coverings, fabrics and accessories
  • Appliances, plumbing fixtures
  • Lighting design
  • Garden design

Specialized Design

  • Sustainable green building
  • Reclaimed and recycled materials
  • Upcycled design—reuse your materials and objects creatively

Collaborative Design

Client Meeting
  • Space planning, and fine tuning of building plans
  • Collaboration with architects, contractors, homeowners and builders
  • Design classes: Experiential teaching, group learning
  • Onsite construction supervision

Resale Design                          

  • Prepare building and property for sale
  • Staging
  • Curb appeal
  • Project coordination and management

Offsite Design Collaboration & Coaching

Planning Picture.jpg

Is this your first time building, or are you a seasoned do-it-your-self-er, and find that you need support navigating the process?

After more then 22 years of working in and behind the scenes in construction and design, I have a unique perspective and inside knowledge of how to successfully complete a project.

For off site design, I will guide you through the design/build process from afar, step by step. I will help you find the right team  (architect, builder etc) and assist in getting your plans passed though your local municipality. At the end of this process, you will have a house that truly reflect you, and your needs.

This service can include:

  • Discover how your home can support you, and what you need from your space
  • In-depth coaching from project inception to finished house.
  • Learn what you need to know about the secrets of a successful project
  • Learn the pros and cons of products and services
  • During a clarifying question and answer session, learn what you need to know and most importantly, what you want
  • Strategic space planning and design
  • Blueprint review and updates if needed
  • Custom interior design details and selections
  • Collaboration with your team members - builders, architects, sub contractors, etc
  • Suggestions on the best green building products and solutions
  • Advocating and mediation - if needed