I tell my clients who need interior design that Annie is the best in the Rogue Valley. In my experience a client would have to go to San Francisco or Los Angeles to match her skills.…I get her involved early in the process so we can take full advantage of her creative input.
— Bill Emery Construction, Design & Drafting
Annie is gifted at listening to what the clients area looking for and communicating her vision back to them. She has an amazing eye for color and for how different design style elements can work together to create something fresh and innovative. And Annie is a pleasure to work with; we can’t recommend her enough.
— Michael Hodgin, Coleman Creek Construction
Annie is a delight to work with. Her ability to listen to our needs and guide us towards suitable colors and products is unparalleled. From wall paint to curtains, Annie’s expert advice helped us create a home we love. We trust and turn to Annie for all of our interior design decisions.
— N Winans
I took Annie’s design class and loved it! I learned so much about color, organizing and placement and we had so much fun creating beauty with each others houses. We didn’t have to buy anything, we just used things we already had and made them feel new!
— T Willkinson
Annie McIntyre is a true artist who brings several disciplines into play. She has an amazing color sense which can be subtle or fearless and she’s highly intuitive, helping each client get in touch with what will make a space nourishing and inspiring…for them. Her suggestions were both practical and amazing. And she’s fun to work with too!
— L.R.
Annie McIntyre has time and again provided the advice and expertise that help give our customers a home that speaks to who they are, thus creating a place that they love coming home to. Annie’s discernment and her willingness to listen to clients’ needs inform her ability to guide them in choosing the color, textures, fabrics and many other details that are go into making a house into a home. I highly recommend McIntyre Interiors!
— James Stiritz, Dragonfly Construction
Prior to putting my home on the market I hired Annie to help me with staging and with a few updates to make the house more appealing to potential buyers. With her expert eye for detail and arrangement, the home looked gorgeous for the tours and all the people who came through made favorable comments about the decor and the feel. With Annie’s help, the house found new owners quickly even in a down market. I highly recommend Annie for her attention to detail, great eye for color, and her ease in dealing with her clients and subcontractors to get the job done quickly and professionally.
— Kia Sanford, Kailo Counseling
Annie is absolutely one of the most creative people I’ve ever worked with—her ideas and concepts are amazing!
— W. Machado
Annie McIntyre helped me establish a color scheme for a renovation in my house. I’m an architect and feel I have a good capacity for design decisions but I was stumped. Annie came in with an organized, professional approach, a knowledge and facility with colors, and a range of high quality samples to consider, all of which helped me make confident choices, saved me a lot of time—-probably doing things once and then doing them over again. Annie had just the right blend of listening and considering my preferences and giving me clear advice. I’m very happy with the results. I would recommend Annie McIntyre to anyone needing interior design services.
— Allen Crutcher, October 5, 2013
Annie made the overwhelming task of choosing colors for our new house easy and fun. The color palate we ended up with makes our house feel rich and yummy. She is chock full of ideas for affordable ways to create a beautiful home.
— Sorghum, October 2, 2013
I worked with Annie McIntyre on a landscape project for a restaurant. I knew based on her design experience and keen eye that she was right for the job. I needed help with outdoor lighting and plant options to create a tropical feel for the Asian/Latin fusion esthetic. Annie was very hands on resourcing lighting and plant options. I was very impressed with her professionalism and positive, ambitious drive. Annie is very punctual and ready to work with the client. Upon completing this successful project, we landed another landscape project for the restaurant owner’s home. This was a very challenging project, with unforeseen obstacles due to soil conditions. However, we adjusted easily and upon completion, the landscape looked amazing and the client was very happy. I can say Annie is a solid individual who gets the job done with professional grace. I would recommend her for any design job. It is a pleasure working with her!
— Zuriel Design, October 2, 2013
I rent a house that was designed by Annie and absolutely love everything about it. The flow, the space, the look and feel are all worth mentioning as it’s the best rental I’ve had the privilege of living in (and I’ve been in at least a dozen over the years). It’s one of the hottest rentals in our town so again, feel very lucky to be here.

In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to see some other work of hers and would highly recommend her for anyone that’s looking for a remodel, upgrade, something different that truly ‘fits’ them (she’s an excellent color consultant which is a huge bonus) or just wants an opinion on how to improve any space inside or out. She’s more than a designer; she really learns and understands her client to give them what ‘they’ want.
— Tracy Rice, September 21, 2013
I worked with Annie on a kitchen remodel a few months ago. She was great to work with. She really helped facilitating the design and selection process. She was great at working with the clients and helping them clarify their design, working out space needs, materials and pallet. I would highly recommend her for kitchen design.
— John Fields, Contractor September 20, 2013
In a substantial kitchen remodel, McIntyre Interiors was able to take our view points and merge them with good construction principals. We were able to stay within our budget and very satisfied with the result. Particular attention was with how colors worked with each other and the rest of our house. The result is a very high quality remodel that does not “look” like a remodel. Some of our ideas were not implemented because they were unrealistic; and other ideas that we did not imagine were included and made our kitchen much better. The result is a wonderful looking and functional kitchen.

Annie helped us to include many of the discrete elements we wanted while always doing that with the visions of the whole resulting in a harmonious design. Whenever we felt stuck - we would say “Let’s ask Annie” and she was always available to help us problem solve—from tiny to big details. She helped us create a kitchen plan and even hang pictures. From the BIG issues to the little touches—she is great.
— C. F. September 16, 2013
Annie is a joy to work with! Her sense of style and ability to combine colors and textures is unbeatable. She’s the person we call when needing interior design services.
— N.W. September 10, 2012
Annie is a multi-faceted professional. She gave us excellent advice while we were remodeling on everything from construction options, design, lighting, wall textures, colors, to pulling it all together at the end. She was compassionate, helpful, and a fantastic resource. I would and have highly recommended her.
— Christine Turner, September 5, 2012
Annie McIntyre was a true pleasure to work with. Incredibly knowledgeable, but also friendly and easy-going. She takes the time to educate when necessary, but is willing to take the lead, too.

She facilitated the complete renovation of our home, from demo work to a complete redesign of its layout. She worked closely with us on color selections, wall textures, flooring, plumbing, porch design, patio design…every aspect of the job!

Additionally, Annie was able to translate our needs and keep a smooth relationship with our contractor. AND she helped design the landscaping of our front and back yards, including incorporating a pond and other water features.

I highly recommend using McIntyre Interiors for your next design project!
— Jeff Altemus, September 5, 2012