What to Expect

Not everyone has the time or inclination to learn the nuances of the design or building process. Whether you’re building a new house, or rearranging what you already have, Annie will act as your personal guide to help you through the hundreds of possible decisions that all projects entail, translating your individual needs and supporting you, your architect, and your contractor in the process.

Plan Details

Plan Details

Annie’s first priority is to learn who you are and what you need, by having an in-depth conversation and visiting your site. She listens carefully to your desires, requirements, and expectations. Then she’ll educate, inform, and guide you through the design and construction process, interpreting information, and transforming your home or space into one that truly supports you.

There are two main design paths she supports. The first is the deeper exploration of self and home. The results of that process show up as a completely personalized home design. One that fits you, and your life style intimately.

The second is more of a hands-off approach by the client, you can pass the design baton to Annie, and she will come up with a beautiful design that fits the house and its architecture, it wont be quite as personalized, but it will be impressive, appropriate and truly lovely.

Because Annie honors the architecture of the building, her design enhances and allows its inner beauty to shine. While some designers specialize in particular design styles, Annie wants your finished project to truly reflect your unique self—she wants the finished project to tell the story of you.

Whether you desire a one-time personal or architectural color consult, the fine tuning of building plans, or the facilitating and liaising of your entire construction project, Annie, of McIntyre By Design, will help you design space specifically for you. Firmly believing in the importance of accessible design, she works with all styles and budgets.